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IEF has been proudly providing high-quality education and activities to the villages of the Sindh, Pakistan. What differentiates us from other schools is our ability to truly connect with our students, and provide them our faith and unconditional help to build their creative mind and abilities to learn, read, write and understand that they truly deserve. To learn more, simply browse through our site.

In November 2006, Indus Education Foundation IEF has been registered. It is registered under the 1961 ordinance under the act of social welfare agencies in Sindh, Pakistan. It was established by some committed social activists and professionals with the major aim to promote the rural education in Sindh. Since 66% of Pakistan’s population lives in rural areas and 85% of rural population are not availing the basic education.

IEF believes there are six steps to promote every child from every taluka of Sindh:

  1. Register every child on networking system
  2. Construction of additional rooms in two room schools.
  3. Repair/Renovation of toilets in schools of remote areas.
  4. Transportation service for children to secondary schools from remote villages.
  5. Establishment of an institute for teachers in every taluka for modern education of teaching.
  6. Framing of a governing body in every taluka to run the every day affairs.

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