Indus Education Foundation is a Pakistani NGO, founded in 2006 and involved in development programs about rural education, specially in Pakistan’s southern province, Sindh in accordance with the UN charter of basic education. Since 66% of Pakistan’s population lives in rural areas and 85% of rural population are not availing the basic education. We are running programs to improve the literacy rate in rural areas of Pakistan by establishing a designed program of “Improving School Environment”, which is implemented in Government owned schools.

Our programs are financed by individual donors from across the world, specially the people whose native places are nearby those villages where we work. Much of the donation is collected in UK on voluntarily basis and is transferred direct to the programs in Sindh.

Our goal
 is to establish the literacy rate of Pakistan, specially of Sindh province as 100%. We have emphasized our program on two major elements; i-e Improving English language skills among the children and providing computer literacy to the children from the very beginning. You can easily participate in our programs like, “Adopt a child” and “Purchase a computer”(you can pay online through the pay pal donation, link provided on this site).

This is an NGO, which provides platforms to those who are interested to educate our people by either donation or by participating in our programs. If you are interested to start such a program in your village, you can provide us with the survey by filling up the survey form of your village and we will provide the funding to improve literacy in your village. When you complete the online survey forms and send them to our website manager, a team of our NGO will talk to you for adopting school in your village or group of villages.

What is IEF doing today?

IEF is mobilizing school children in four councils of Taluka Hala, District Matiari of Sindh province in Pakistan. It has provided vehicles to the children who suffer from public transport. The children from the villages of these four councils avail this transport facility to reach the middle and secondary schools in Hala Town.

IEF provides school uniforms to various children of about 15 schools from these four union councils as a start. It has also provided computers to all these 15 schools and is aiming to provide computers to all the 80 schools of these four union councils. The four union councils of Taluka Hala are: Hala-1, Hala-2, Bhanot and Karam Khan Nizmani.

IEF plans to practice same project work in all the Talukas of Sindh. We invite individuals, group of individuals or small NGOs from all the districts of Sindh to join us by filling a survey form initially and later the project will be started in their own Taluka.


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