Javed Kazi (Member)

Javed Ahmed Qazi is a practicing lawyer and Son of late renowned peasant leader, writer, politician and lawyer Qazi Faiz Mohammed. He has in his credit, 16 years experience as a development banker.

He is LLB from University of London, Bachelor of Engineering from Mehran University Jamshoro and Diplomade Associate from Institute of Bankers of Pakistan. In addition to his work as a columnist, Mr Qazi has also brought attention to issues of regional importance as a television anchorman for Sindh TV and Hum TV.  Currently he is associated with Dharti Tv, he is doing live programs five days a week on current affairs. Javed Ahmed Qazi has attended workshops and seminars as a civil society activist on issues relating to human rights, honor killings, women emancipation and poverty alleviation. He is also human rights activist having special focus on minorities and women rights. Javed Qazi is planning to take admission in LLM in Jurisprudence in University of London.

Javed Qazi 

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