Ameeruddin Abro (President)

Founder of IEF

Ameer Abro was born in Hala on December 15, 1965. He was educated in Hala till his intermediate and later he did his B.E. in Civil Engineering from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro. After acquiring his Bachelor’s degree, he was recruited at Karachi Port Trust as the Asstt. Executive Engineer. He went to Norway to acquire his Msc. in “Port & Coastal Engineering” during 1994-95. Due to the military influence in Karachi Port Trust, he was removed from the service in 2001. But he fought his case through various courts including the Services Tribunal, Sindh High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan and finally was reinstated in the service in 2008. During his removal from service, he also worked with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) during 2006-2007 as a Water Supply Engineer. After being reinstated in the service, instead of working with Karachi Port Trust, he preferred to immigrate to United Kingdom and presently lives in London. 

 double a

Apart from his academic career, he is also a short story writer, columnist, journalist, playwright, publisher and a social worker. He started writing short stories in 1989 and his first short story, “Hik kainra jo maout” (Death of a Coward) was published on the second day of Sindhi daily, Awami Awaz in its literary page. His first book of short stories was published in 1995 with the title, “Hik kainra jo maout”. Later he wrote a travelogue of Norway, “Aurat Bina Siyaro”, which was translated into English by himself with the title, “Land of Midnight Sun” and was published in 2003. Since 1989, he has been writing in several Sindhi and English dailies of Pakistan and his collection of newspaper columns was published with the title, “Bay darjey jee zindagi” in 2008. He has written about 100 columns in Sindhi dailies like Jaago, Hilal-e-Pakistan, Awami Awaz and Kawish and he has also written a few features in English dailies like Dawn and The News of Pakistan. In 2001, he also became the editor of an English periodical, “Indus” published from Karachi and remained its editor for three years. He also contributed to International networks like, Gemini News Service and Panos. He also contributed in Asia’s popular newsmagazine, Asiaweek. His 13 episode serial named, “Chahatoon” was telecast on Sindh tv channel in Sindh. He is also the Managing Director of “Indus Publishers” which has published the books about Literature, History, Health, Education and Politics since 2001.

In 2006, very deeply he felt that Sindh’s education is deteriorating and Sindhis from rural areas are not able to compete with the citizens of metropolitan cities hence he registered an organization with the name, “Indus Education Foundation” to work for the rural education. He started its work from his hometown, Hala as he believes that Charity begins at home. He is working for villages around Hala today and dreams to see the literacy rate of Sindh to reach at 100%.


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