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With the name of Allah (S.W), Indus Education Foundation was established to raise the literacy rate of rural areas in Pakistan, especially of Sindh in November 2006. Before that, with help of Indus Publishers, a well known publication in Sindh, it had adopted some schools through Sindh Education Foundation in Taluka Hala’s some villages. The villages in Sindh are not given the right of their education and health as compared to the educational facilities given in metropolitan cities and towns of Pakistan. This is why the generations coming from rural Sindh can’t compete with the people living in metropolitan cities. Although we think that it is government’s responsibility to provide uniform educational facilities everywhere in Pakistan but the alarming difference between the rural and urban life is increasing day by day. We believe that as the citizens of Pakistan, we can improve the literacy rate in rural Sindh by participating in educational, social, economic and political life. We are working as individuals as well as in the groups and also helping the government to improve these conditions which can alarmingly put our next generation into the hell of illiteracy.

In fact country’s rural population is more than 66% and the literacy in rural areas is not more than 10%. This is why the people coming from villages to metropolitan cities lack modern technology updates. The most important reason of their failure in cities is lack of education. The world has become a village today, and people from nearby villages of Sindh have flown to different corners of the world and are acquiring education, but it is now a challenge for them that the villages, they have left behind are no more called the literate, safe and loving places on this earth. They should come forward to help these villages as their blood is linked with this soil. Our organization will provide every citizen of the world the platform to work for education in rural areas of Sindh. There are several options for the interested people to get them involved for this purpose. For this purpose please visit our pages,“Adopt a child”, “Purchase a computer” or “Get involved”.


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