Kia Hum Azad Hain?

Indus Education Foundation abbreviated as “IEF” is progressing from last 4 years with the healthy coordination of Sindh Education Foundation. There are 09 schools working through IEF Organization. IEF Organization is running their 09 schools in distinct areas covering 2 districts one of them is Matiari district where our school is located named as: “Indus Primary School Muhammad Khan Hajano”. We had arranged an event named as: “Kia Hum Azad Hain?” It is one of the hottest topics nowadays.


Head Teacher along with other staff members had arranged an event with aforementioned name along with this we arranged award ceremony for those students who secured their positions in annual examination 2018 – 2019. The event was attended by more than 500 audiences. 6 boys and girls students took part in debate competition. In their debates they illustrated the different aspects of human freedom. Participants were appreciated by chief guests and audiences. Students who secured their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions were Asadullah Hajano student of class 5th, Khalida Hajano student of class 4th, Abdul Sattar student of Class 3rd, respectively. Event was smoothly in succession, first and foremost, we arranged few students for Recitation and Hamd-o-Sana, going on with an act performance on the topic of that day in which one student acted as landlord another was former. After act performance there were some speeches related to the topic in which aforementioned students secured their positions. Last but not least, we had arranged an award ceremony session for those students who secured their positions in annual examination 2018 – 2019. With the presence of chief guests: Sir, Ameeruddin Abro (President of IEF), Sir, Noor Muhammad Samoon (Manager of IEF), Sir, Shafi Kaka (Accountant of IEF), Mr. Raees Roshan Ahmed Rahu (nephew of Sardar Mushtaq Ahmed Rahu, Ex advisor of Ex Chief Minister Sindh), Haji Abdul Ghani Memon PPP President of taluka New Saedabad, Educational worker Mr. Rahmatullah balal, President of Journalist New Saedabad, reporter of Sindh TV Mr. Mamtaz balal, and all other respectable audiences, we were pleasant to seeing them at our school land.


Few chief guests promised to provide uniforms for our school: Haji Abdul Ghani (50 uniforms), Khadim Hussain (20 uniforms), Asadullah (10 uniforms), and our honorable president Sir, Ameeruddin Abro promised to provide 70 uniforms for poor and needy students “Indus Primary School Muhammad Khan Hajano”. Our president Sir, Ameeruddin Abro awarded School head teacher Gulsher Hajano as the Best Head Teacher of The Indus Education Foundation Schools for arranging the incredible event “Kia Hum Azad Hain?

At the end head teacher of school thanked all participants and guests.

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