Education is our basic Right

An annual distribution program and children's competition program was organized at Indus Elementary School, Mohammed Khan Hajano, organized by the Indus Education Foundation. Mr. Ameeruddin Abro, Inspector Motorway Police Mr. Arbab Ali Zardari, Mr. Maulana Nasiruddin Durrani, Provincial Leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, and the parents of the students and respected people of the area attended the special guest. Delegated guests were also invited to the English ceremony. In the program, the school children also presented various tables and speeches including recitation of Holy Quran and Naat. The theme of the speeches were "Education is our Fundamental Right", students try to emphasize each other by making speeches

Asadullah Hajano, Naresh Kumar, Prem Kumar, Jairam, Salman Gul Hajano Abdul Sattar Hajano participated in the event.

On the best speech, Asadullah first, Naresh Kumar Dave second, and Abdul Sattar took third position. Mr. Ameeruddin Abro, president of Indus Education Foundation gave the cash prices and Shields. The honorable guests at the end encouraged students for presenting their best performance by giving speeches. Respected guests greatly appreciated the hard work of the school teachers in a small town. And they further said that we offer our greetings to the teacher under the school Gul Sher Hajwan who has created a great environment of education and learning for the children in a small rural village.


The president of the Indus Education Foundation in his speech underscored the passion for education and vowed to work hard for further education and improvement. In the end, the award was given to the students who took the position in the annual examination.


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