23rd March Resolution of Pakistan

Event 23rd march resolution day of Pakistan was organized by indus haji achar dahri middle school wadal dahri, most of the students participated in the event they have shown their passion towards Pakistan. Teachers have given them platform to perform some incredible, students’ sang songs for Pak land, performed tablos, debates, and speeches, not only students but teachers were participated as well. Chief guests (Mr. Noor Muhammad Samoon, Mr. Shafi Kaka, Mr. Abdul Ghafoor, and Mr. Imtiaz Ali Dahri) of the program were present at the time.


On the bases of tablos, songs, speech, and debates, some students secured their position and got medals and prices, Nisha secured first position for English speech on Importance of Female Education. Yasmeen secured second position for Singing National Song, Faraz Ahmed secured third position for Urdu Speech on Resolution Day of Pakistan. In the end teachers expressed their own ideas and encouraged students to be more confident everywhere.

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